Ceramic Dinnerware, Italian Pottery

Italian Ceramics: how to spot a fake

Are you considering purchasing Italian pottery, but you are afraid that you are going to purchase a fake one? This is something that many people are struggling with. They want to invest in Italian ceramics, but they are afraid that they are paying a lot of money for a fake one. With this guide, you will know for sure that you aren’t going to purchase a fake one, and you will get the value that you were hoping for:

Underneath the ceramic, there should be an unglazed area

One of the most important things that you should look for when you are trying to purchase real Italian dinnerware is that the unglazed area. The unglazed area should be underneath the pottery or dinnerware.

If you don’t find the unglazed area, you should know for sure that the pottery is fake and not worth the money you are going to spend on it. Every single authenticated Italian ceramics should have the unglazed area.

The unglazed area should be rough

If you found the unglazed area underneath the Italian pottery, you should now feel it. If the unglazed area is smooth, then it is still a fake.

The unglazed area should be rough and unfinished. Most people are making this mistake. They think that the roughness underneath the pottery is low quality, but in fact, it is proof that the pottery is real and worth a lot of money. Especially, if it is older pottery.

Visible brush strokes on the painted areas

The other mistake that people are making when they are looking for real Italian dinnerware, is that they think if you can see the brush strokes, that the pottery is fake and cheap looking.

However, this is one of the biggest mistakes that you can make. This isn’t a sign that the dinnerware is cheap. In fact, this is one of the signs that the dinnerware is real and authenticated. It is the third thing that you should look for on the dinnerware that you are considering buying.

It will never be cheap to purchase

The final clue that you might be buying cheap, fake Italian pottery, is the price. If you think that you are going to purchase a bargain, then you should think again. There isn’t such a thing as cheap Italian dinnerware. When the piece is really cheap, then you should make sure that you are looking for the other signs of authentication, as mentioned in the article.

Italian pottery. Something that can be a great value for money, and even a great investment in a couple of years. But, if you don’t know how to spot a fake piece, that you might waste money, instead of investing money. There are many things that you can look for to spot a fake piece, but these four things are the most important and most obvious reasons. With these tips, you will never purchase another fake Italian dinnerware again and you will know when you are going to purchase a fake one.


Ceramic Dinnerware, Italian Pottery

Hand Made Italian Ceramics: How to Spot a Fake

Buying Italian pottery can truly be a wonderful experience and there are so many wonderful reasons as to why you should buy such products. Handmade Italian ceramics are just so beautiful and there are so many who want to get their hands on gorgeous pieces too. Unfortunately, while there are lots of showpieces out there, there are also lots of fakes too. You might not think people would fake Italian ceramics and pottery but they do. The difference between the real pieces and fake ones can often be difficult to spot if you don’t know but the difference in price can be massive. Read on to find out how you can potentially spot a fake from real piece of Italian ceramics and pottery.

Can You See The Brush Strokes?

When it comes to Italian dinnerware the actual brush strokes should be visible. Now, you might think that’s a bad move but that isn’t actually the case. Remember, handmade should have brush strokes because the artist has taken their time to construct the pieces and paint them. Hand painted is what you want with pottery and ceramics as it’s handmade. If it’s not a real piece then it might be mass produced and that will be done by machinery than by hand. Fine details such as this will help you to determine if you have a genuine piece of fake one.

Is There An Unglazed Circle Around The Bottom?

Any pottery piece such as vase or dish can be carefully turned upside down where the orangey shade of terracotta should be shown. If there is a circular outline of terracotta around the very bottom of the piece and it’s unglazed then it’s usually a sign that it’s real. You actually want to see an imperfection of there being an unglazed circle or outline of the piece and the terracotta orange being shown. That is one way in which you can tell you are onto a genuine piece. Of course, with Italian dinnerware and other such items, it can be a little difficult to spot however this is a general rule to work with at the best of times.

Rougher Feeling to the Unglazed Portion

When you have spotted the unglazed part of the underside of the item, you should carefully touch that part and see whether it’s smooth or rough. If it’s smooth that’s not a good sign because terracotta on Italian ceramics should be rough. When the unglazed portion is rough that is a great sign you are working with a genuine article! When looking at Italian pottery you really should for these little details. It will help to determine a real piece of fake one.

Buy Genuine Pieces

If you are not particularly bothered whether you buy a genuine handmade Italian ceramic piece or real one you won’t have to waste your time looking at the piece in greater detail. However, for those who are, you can actually easily spot a fake from genuine one with the items above. Yes, you might not be fully sure what you need to find especially if this is your first time looking at them but after a little while it gets easier. There are lots of little tells that will make it clear if you have genuine handmade Italian pottery or a nice fake piece!