Italian Pottery

How to Mix and Match Your Italian Pottery for the Best Results

Despite what many believe, Italian dinnerware and pottery pieces don’t always have to be equal; you can mix and match to build a wonderful collection. This can often be the aim for most collectors and in truth Italian pottery can really open your eyes to a new form of art. However, when it comes to actually collecting the pieces, how can you mix and match them to get the best results? Read on to find a few simple tips that could prove useful later.

Find a Reputable Italian Pottery Outlet

First things first, you ideally want to locate a store or an outlet that deals exclusively in Italian goods. If there is a limited Italian dinnerware or pottery range then you may find it limits your choices down. You can still use this outlet but you also need a store that offers a wide variety of choice as it’ll make it a lot easier to work with. Stores and outlets with large selections are great because you can shop for hours searching for the right pieces to mix and match.

Start With a Classic Piece

Anyone who wants to collect or add to their collection ideally must start with one and work their way from there. Classical pieces are always easy to start with as they are the most sought after but the more modern and somewhat bolder pieces can be just as great. However, collectors and those who want to start collecting Italian dinnerware and pottery can often get in way over their heads and buy, buy and buy until their credit cards max out. This isn’t the wisest decision because you might end up with a real mash and not a nice mix and match collection. Mixing and matching takes real skill simply because you have to have an eye for the art and appreciate what’s on offer also.

A Wonderful Investment

To be honest, Italian pottery can be very delicately made and despite what many believe, there aren’t always mass produced numbers either. That is why you have to choose your pieces carefully because these can become a great investment for your family. You might think pottery isn’t too expensive or even collectible but actually that couldn’t be farther from the truth. It’s the same with dinnerware, if you buy the right pieces and look after them carefully, they can become a treasured item within the home. Consider these an investment and you will care for them more also.

Get the Best Results

Italian pottery has really become highly sought after in recent years and it’s easy to see why. Some pieces can look stunning and really be worth a lot of money. However, putting the value to one side, collecting pottery can really be a fun and exciting pastime. Mixing and matching pottery pieces are pretty easy as well and you don’t always have to spend a fortune to get the best pieces. Italian pottery is truly a beautiful art form and you are going to enjoy collecting these pieces time and time again.